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Limited Edition

24-Days Advent Calendar 2023

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Unwrap your holiday magic with Sabon's 24-Day Advent Calendar 2023! 

Start the countdown to the holiday season with SABON’s Advent Calendar, where every box reveals surprising wonders and hidden treats. Every day, for 24 days, you are invited to discover the pure magic inside our sensational body, bath, and skincare luxuries. The perfect gift for your loved ones, an indulgent treat for yourself. Let the celebration begin!

Celebrate the holiday season with this coveted gift, and delight in daily surprises with a countdown to the New Year! Enjoy 24 days of full-size and deluxe travel favorites!

Reasons To Love: 
  • 24 Days of Holiday Magic
  • A Gift Made for Everyone
  • Only Full Sized and Travel Products
  • New & Best Sellers Only
  • Perfect Gift for You or Your Loved Ones
  • Complimentary Shipping
24 Days Advent Calendar Includes -  
  1. 2 in 1 Face Polisher Mint 60ml
  2. Limited Edition Heart Shaped Metal Scoop
  3. Hand Cream Delicate Jasmine 10ml
  4. Butter Hand Cream Patchouli Lavender Vanilla 30ml
  5. Body Scrub Delicate Jasmine 60g
  6. Body Scrub Green Rose 60g
  7. Body Scrub Patchouli Lavender Vanilla 60g
  8. Hand Cream Green Rose 30ml
  9. Essential Shampoo Green Rose 50ml
  10. 3 in 1 Dead Sea Mask & Scrub 50ml
  11. Floral Mask Gelée 30ml
  12. Hand Cream Rose Tea 10ml
  13. Hand Cream White Tea 10ml
  14. Low Shampoo Green Rose 30ml
  15. Essential Shampoo Delicate Jasmine 50ml
  16. Shower Oil Ginger Orange 50ml
  17. Shower Oil Delicate Jasmine 50ml
  18. Shower Oil Patchouli Lavender Vanilla 50ml
  19. Shower Oil Rose Tea 50ml
  20. Body Lotion Green Rose 50ml
  21. Body Lotion Delicate Jasmine 50ml
  22. Silky Body Milk Patchouli Lavender Vanilla 50ml
  23. Silky Body Milk White Tea 50ml
  24. Silky Body Milk Citrus Blossom 50ml