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Starlight Delight Kit

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Starlight Delight Kit

Reveal the unexpected, magical beauty within, as SABON’s delightful Shower Oil and Body Lotion embrace you with an unforgettable holiday fragrance – Starlight Bouquet

Starlight Bouquet Body Lotion 50ml
Starlight Bouquet Shower Oil 100ml


Starlight Bouquet – Floral & Musky

Discover enigmatic fragrant flowers that only bloom in the moonlight.

As the Dragon Fruit Flower brings vegetal and fruity notes to the creations of thrilling freshness, the Poinsettia unveils a profusion of floral notes enchanting the senses at the heart of the perfume. The Moonflower finally sings the fragrance through a soft floral-musky luminous inflection lasting over time.

Top Notes: Dragon Fruit Flower, Bergamot Oil, Sweet Orange | Heart notes: Poinsettia, Crunchy Pear | Base notes: Moonflower, Musk, Sandalwood