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  • Sabon Energizing Mint Face Moisturizing Botanical Water (230ml)
  • Sabon Energizing Mint Face Moisturizing Botanical Water (230ml)
  • Sabon Energizing Mint Face Moisturizing Botanical Water (230ml)
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Energizing Mint Moisturizing Botanical Water Face Mist

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SABON’s new Botanical Waters is the perfect addition to any daily beauty routine. Use them as needed throughout the day to refresh your skin, add an essential hydration boost, or as a makeup setter.

Combining sensual aromatic pleasure with moisturizing care for all skin types, they are ideal refreshing and mood-boosting mists you can take with you anywhere. The Botanical Waters are 100% fragrance free and adapted to all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.

Format and size: 230ml glass bottle + spray pump
Skin type: All skin types
Texture: Transparent liquid
Percentage of natural origin: 99%



    Key Ingredients

    Mint leaves - Mint has refreshing benefits on the skin. In addition, its invigorating scent enlivens the senses and promotes a feeling of energy.

    Full List of Ingredients

    Mentha Piperita Leaf Water, Benzyl Alcohol, Caprylyl Glycol, Arginine, Citric Acid.

    How to use

    Spray on the whole face with closed eyes or apply with a cotton pad. No need to rinse off.

    As a toner: Use after cleansing but before serum or face cream.

    As a refreshing mist: Use on cleansed skin anytime in summer, on travel or after sport.

    Beauty Tips

    • 100% of the plants used in the making of botanical waters are from organic farming. Botanical waters are vegan, natural, and perfume-free.

    • Botanical Water can be used as a makeup setter. Spray it all over your face to set up your make up and keep it in place all day long.

    • During summer, keep your Botanical Water in the fridge for an extra refreshing, cooling effect! Use it as a pick me up refresher for body and face.

    • You can use our Botanical Waters all over the body, during summer or stressful days, to lift your mood and to refresh and restore skin hydration.